About Luna Azul

Since her husband was moved to a retirement home, Luna Azul has been living the life of a rock star! She used to be a banker, so she can afford all sorts of treats at her orgies. She is in particularly fond of young, firm cocks that can drill her pussy for several hours without stopping. Double penetration...

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About Petra Eagle

Petra Eagle is flying high above the competition as she is so beautiful that she stunts men of all ages, despite the fact that she is more than 60 years old. She can have any man she wants. However, she takes only good pussy eaters. Her delicious pussy, deserves only the best licking. Petra Eagle loves...

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About Hildegard

Lady Hildegard is a Swedish-born beauty. Since she left her homeland, she has traveled the World. Her dream was to taste a dick of every possible kind. Big, small, fat, slender, black, white, yellow, red, brown. And recently, she made her dream come true! She has had dicks of all sizes and colors in...

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About Marlies

Coming from a lesbian background, this beautiful old lady didn't even see a cock until she turned 40! But one night, Marlies got a bit tipsy with her lesbian friends and decided to call a stripper. One thing led to another, and they ended up siking a stripper's large shaft. That was a breaking point...

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About Christine

For all those who have a sweet tooth for farm ladies, Christine will be irresistible! Growing up on a farm was pretty hard for her. Yet, she enjoyed the freedom to explore her sexuality with local farm boys. She lost her virginity at the age of 14. Before that, she was only sucking boys' dicks in a barn....

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About Gabriele K.

Who can say that a 72-year-old pussy can't get wet?! Gabriele K. is a perfect example of how an old lady can make any cock happy. Young, old, big or small. Any cock is happy inside of her moist oyster. But the only thing that can make her oyster happy is a big load of juicy cum!

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About Elsi

When Elsi lost her husband, she was totally devastated. She got used to a reliable source of sex for so many decades. When the mourning was over, she got back to the meat market, and now she is happy to have a big, juicy sausage every single weekend. Her dirty old cunt is finally happy again.

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About Mistress Angelica

Mistress Angelica is a dominant, mature blonde slut. She likes to take full control of a nice wet cunt or a thick, big cock. But she feels the most comfortable when she has both. Then the beast in this nasty mature woman is fully unleashed. She often makes a woman lick her pussy while she is sucking...

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About Miss Nina Swis

Miss Nina Swis gets proper bliss only when she's sandwiched between a man and a woman. A long time ago this dirty old slut was a stand-up member of her community. But then she got divorced, and the Devil took her on his lap. Since then, she has fulfilled her every dirty fantasy, including a double penetration...

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About Laura Red

Hello my Darling!
My name is Laura. I'm not that young anymore, but I love my body and I'm a very exhibitionistic person. Experience my sexual journey with many kinky surprises. I would be happy if you wrote to me so that I can fulfill your wishes

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About Kornelia

When her fuck buddy stood her up, Kornelia was desperate. She couldn't find anybody else to fuck her. Then one day, while she was buying groceries, she got an amazing idea. So she bought the biggest cucumber she could find and went home. When the cucumber was thoroughly washed and dried, she put some...

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